New APM 3DLevelScanner HT brings accurate volume measurement to hot materials – clinker, cement, alumina and more

Tel Aviv, Israel - January 19, 2012 – Today APM Automation Solutions Ltd. (APM) introduced a new HT (High Temperature) configuration of the APM 3DLevelScanner II designed to overcome challenges of providing accurate, reliable, and timely measures of the true volume of materials stored at high temperatures up to 120°C (250° F).

For the first time, large clinker and cement silos, alumina silos and other large silos of practically any diameter used for storing hot materials can benefit from APM's high-accuracy 3D mapping technology to provide the true volume content of the stored materials.

APM's technology is designed to operate very effectively in harsh environmental conditions such as dust and humidity. It provides optimal coverage for practically any size or type of silo, with single or multiple filling points, and with capacities of thousands of tons. The technology also readily detects and displays material build-up using APM's special visualization tool.

APM CEO Ofir Perl commented: "Thousands of APM 3DLevelScanners deliver real-time accurate volume measurements of stored solids every day to managers in hundreds of installations worldwide. APM's new HT configuration applies our technology to the storage of "hot" materials where achieving accurate and reliable measurements has been hindered by high temperatures. With HT-configured scanners, managers in such organizations benefit from timely reports of the true volume of stored inventories, the kind of information that allows them to make the best informed decisions, even where the storage environment is exceptionally harsh. And now," Perl concluded, "even where high temperatures are involved”.

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