APM′s 8-unit MVL Multi-Scanner System helps India′s ADANI Group implement smart inventory measurement and control

Tel Aviv, Israel – October 15, 2011 – Today APM Automation Solutions Ltd. (APM) confirmed the successful installation and operation of its 8-unit Multi-Scanner System (Model MVL8) in an Adani Group warehouse in the Port of Mundra, 50km south of Anjar in southern India. The warehouse, 78m long, 25m wide and 17m high, is one of the smallest of 40 Adani Group warehouses at the Mundra site, and is used to store fertilizer off-loaded from ships in a nearby harbor prior to distribution throughout India by Adani Group logistics and transport operations.

warehouse volume measurement

The present Adani Group installation includes the APM Multi-Scanner System (Model MVL8), comprised of 8 3DLevelScanners that apply APM's innovative volume and level measurement technology to very large warehouses, storage bins, silos, domes, open bins and stockpiles. The scanners are connected in a daisy-chain to APM's Multi-Scanner Controller that synchronizes transmissions so individual scanners do not interfere with each other, takes into account the entire set of mapping points from all scanners, and generates a complete merged visualization of the entire warehouse contents. A broad range of standard and custom-tailored reports may be generated so that accurate volume measurements and precise inventory calculations are accessible to authorized managers throughout the company.

APM's system is integrated with the Adani Group's ERP systems and software through close cooperation with its chosen vendors: Honeywell India (chosen vendor of all the electronics / computers and software integration at the Port of Mundra site), and APM's distributor, EIP Enviro India (supplier of point level and inventory control systems for the Adani Group operations at Mundra).

3D warehouse volume measurement

EIP’s Managing Director Mr. Ravinder Goyal pointed out that "APM's MultiScanner System MVL8 solves major operational problems in measuring the Adani Group's fertilizer inventories at the Mundra site. The device's ability to work maintenance-free in a dusty environment, and, when installed as a multi-scanner system, to provide real-time, accurate assessments of stored inventories in very large warehouses which are fed into the firm's existing ERP systems, facilitates informed decision-making by managers across many departments."

"We consider the match between APM's unique volume and level measurement technology and the Adani Group's need for improved inventory management and control tools to be ideal," said APM CEO Ofir Perl. "The Adani Group is a huge concern with interests in infrastructure, power and energy, logistics, mining, agriculture, and construction. They founded (in 1998) and operate India's largest private port (Mundra), and promoted and developed India's largest Special Economic Zone. The Adani Group is the largest integrated coal management company in India and operates the world's largest automated terminal for coal imports (60 million ton capacity). The match is ideal," concluded Perl, "because APM's technology can make a significant and readily identifiable contribution to the firm's individual and collective operations."


About APM

APM Automation Solutions Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and expert in volume and level measurement instrumentation. Its flagship product, the 3DLevelScanner™, first introduced in 2007, represented a new family of devices that eliminated the guesswork out of measuring the level, volume and mass of materials stored inside a silo or open bin with 3D mapping of the contents. APM’s offerings have since been expanded to provide inventory-savings solutions for range of industrial applications involving very large silos, storage bins and warehouses across multiple sites, adapting its technology to meet the needs of corporate as well production managers. APM’s unique patented technology addresses applications previously thought to be beyond the scope of level and volume measurement with unparalleled degrees of accuracy. APM products are sold and supported by a network of agents / distributors in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. Visit http://apm.mixermedia.co.il.

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