Ofir Perl Presented APM′s Innovative 3D Volume Measurement Technology at ISA / Delhi

APM CEO Ofir Perl was honored to be the guest speaker of Mr. Ravinder Goyal from EIP Enviro, APM’s partner in India, at the Delhi Section conference of the prestigious International Society of Automation (ISA) at the end of January 2010.

The well-attended and well-received lecture, “Innovative 3D Technology: Changing the Market from Level to Volume to Provide Accurate & Continuous Measurements of Volume & Mass of Material Inside the Tank/Bin”, was presented at a meeting of the ISA / Delhi Section on January 27th 2010 at Mosaic Hotel, Noida.

The ISA is a non-profit organization that helps its 30,000 members worldwide and other automation professionals solve difficult technical problems.

Mr. Perl described the technology APM brings to the market through its innovative family of devices, allowing optimization of inventory control, maintenance management and process control with unprecedented accuracy.

Mr. Perl commented: "APM is proud to have EIP Enviro as its partner in India and has great confidence in the firm's abilities to market, sell, and support APM’s products throughout the country. We look forward to a mutually rewarding and long-lasting commercial relationship. And," Perl added, "to helping India's production managers and planners gain greater control over production and inventory management processes."

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