BinMaster presents 3DlevelScanner product line in Midwest Biomass Conference - Dubuque, Iowa USA

Dates: 16-18.11.2010   
Open hours
: 9:00-16:00   
: Southeast Biomass Conference - Grand River Center - Dubuque, IA
Location: Binmaster Booth

Midwest Biomass Conference will provide the opportunity to explore the current and future potential for biomass energy production and local energy sustainability in the Midwest, a largely underserved area for biomass resources until recently. The conference will also offer outstanding networking opportunities between potential biomass producers, biomass users, manufacturers of biomass solutions or equipment, students, researchers, consultants and market developers.

APM wishes to invite you to visit BinMaster booth to see the revolutionary 3DLevelScanner for bulk solid measurement.

No more inaccurate calculations based on a single
sample point, but a unique family of devices that generate 3-dimensional maps of the content of the silo /
open bin/warehouse. 

APM’s innovative technology is the best-of-class solution for accurate measurement of bulk solids, particularly those in dusty environments

For the first time in the solids industry 3DLevel measurement provides true and accurate measures of volume and mass of silo contents – an achievement of critical importance for all solid industries.

  3D Mapping of the surface area

3D visualization


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