APM Technology and the 3DLevelScanner

The APM 3DLevelScanner is the only device presently available that delivers accurate measurement of bulk solids and powders - regardless of the type of material or product characteristics, type and size of storage silo, bin or container, and harshness of the storage environment. It incorporates APM's unique dust-penetrating technology to achieve an unrivalled degree of process measurement and inventory control.

The 3DLevelScanner employs an array of three antennas to transmit low frequency pulses and to receive their echoes from the contents of the silo, bin or other container. These three antennas measure not only the time/distance of each echo but also its direction. The device's Digital Signal Processor samples and analyzes the received signals to provide very accurate measurements of the level and volume of the stored contents, and generates a 3D representation of actual allocation of product within the container for display on remote computer screens. This unique device measures practically any kind of material stored in a great variety of containers, including silos, large open bins, bulk solid storage rooms, stockpiles and warehouses. It maps build-up loads and other irregularities that randomly form over time, offering solutions for this and many other previously inaccessible challenging applications.

The 3DLevelScanner product line currently includes:
3DLevelScanner S for solid applications
3DLevelScanner M for solid applications with mapping capabilities
3DLevelScanner MV for solid applications with mapping capabilities and visualization (graphics tool)
Multi-Scanner System specifically configured to provide accurate continuous volume measurements of solids stored in very wide silos and other very large open bins, bulk storage rooms, stockpiles and warehouses

APM's technology offers industrial manufacturers an incomparable range of process level and volume measurement solutions, with unprecedented accuracy, ability to operate with all kinds of materials stored in a great variety of silos, bins, stockpiles and warehouses, ease of operation and connectivity to existing customer ERP systems.

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