APM Expands design, engineering and production capabilities

Tel Aviv, Israel – December 1, 2011 – Today APM Automation Solutions Ltd. (APM) confirmed it has significantly enhanced its design and production capabilities with the addition of Israel-based RH Technologies Ltd. as one of its key providers of electronic manufacturing services (EMS). The firm specializes in advanced electronics contract manufacturing, offering world-class turn-key solutions of design, engineering and production, as well as a range of other customized subcontracting services related to electronic production assemblies and systems for global customers in diverse industries.

Supervised by APM, RH Technologies has installed a special production line dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and distribution of APM solutions worldwide. It includes state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment and employs best-practices and fail-safe processes to achieve best-of-class, fault-free quality products.

APM CEO Ofir Perl commented: "In a dynamic market our production agreement with RH strengths APM's ability to leverage production with short lead times more efficiently. Having RH Technologies in addition to Zicon as vendors of APM's outsourced manufacturing gives us the flexibility we need to meet customers' needs and greatly contributes to expanding our market presence across the industrial spectrum".


About APM

APM Automation Solutions Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and expert in volume and level measurement instrumentation. Its flagship product, the 3DLevelScanner™, first introduced in 2007, represented a new family of devices that eliminated the guesswork out of measuring the level, volume and mass of materials stored inside a silo or open bin with 3D mapping of the contents. APM’s offerings have since been expanded to provide inventory-savings solutions for range of industrial applications involving very large silos, storage bins and warehouses across multiple sites, adapting its technology to meet the needs of corporate as well production managers. APM’s unique patented technology addresses applications previously thought to be beyond the scope of level and volume measurement with unparalleled degrees of accuracy. APM products are sold and supported by a network of agents / distributors in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere.
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