APM wins project to supply 90 3DLevelScanners to Israel biggest flour mill

Tel Aviv, Israel – September 19, 2012 – APM Automation Solutions Ltd. (APM) won a project to supply Stybel, Israel's largest flour milling group, with 90 3DLevelScanner to its new flour mill being build in Ad Halom in the south of Israel.

Stybel Group (http://www.stybel.co.il/stybel_eng.pdf), founded in 1935 is Israel's largest wheat milling group. The group imports wheat and other grains for trade and production of a wide range of milled products including organic flours and baking improves. Stybel group operates 5 flour mills and 2 storage facilities throughout Israel and is now building the single largest flour mill in Israel, that is due to supply flour to ~20% of the country's population.

For the past 2 years Stybel has been using 23 APM scanners for one of its Haifa mills. Those scanners have proven valuable for Stybel, allowing full inventory management of the silos, as they live up to all promises and supply highly accurate readings with little to no maintenance.

For the construction of its new mill Stybel contracted Buhler (http://www.buhlergroup.com), a world leader in flour mill construction and equipment, to lead the project. The new facility requires inventory tracking abilities on all silos to support production control. APM's 3DLevelScanner solution was considered along with all other solutions available in the market. Based on their past experience as well as the need for high accuracy and a real time view of material buildups on silo walls, Stybel selected the 3DLevelScanner as the project's inventory tracking solution for all 90 silos in the mill. The scanners will be installed by the Buhler team as part of the silos' construction.

The scanners' data will be integrated into Buhler's SCADA system to become a seamless part of the Buhler solution for the mill. This will allow Stybel to use the information from the 3DLevelScanners to manage inventory throughout the plant, from ordering raw materials, through tracking inventory in process to planning the shipping schedule. The scanners will be used in all silos, including grain silos, flour silos and additive silos.

The mill is expected to begin operations in April 2013.

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