APM Thailand Seminar Held in Bangkok and Attended by Key Customers and Local Partners

As part of APM Solutions' continuous efforts to expand operations in South East Asian markets in general, a seminar organized by our local partners was held in Thailand in February 2013 and attended by key customers as well as our partners' workers and executives.

APM's South East Asia representative is DNR, a provider of cutting-edge industrial IT and automation solutions to the oil and gas, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Our local Thailand representative is IMI Group.

The seminar participants and speakers all report that it was a success in terms of participation, production and the quality of lecture materials. The keynote speaker, APM's Technical Director Mr. Asael Sharabi spoke at length to dozens of IMI workers from Bangkok, Surubari and Kurat.

During the first day of the seminar, Mr. Sharabi visited IMI's Bangkok headquarters, home to over 100 employees, where he met with the company's entire instrumentation team as well as VP Business Development, Mr. Jomhong Alonggot, and conducted lectures about APM's technology, products and solutions.

In the following days sales conferences were held in Surubari and Kurat, each accommodating 50 top customers from the industry. There they were presented with APM's volume measurement solutions.

The customers who attended the seminar are active in diverse industries such as feed mills, cement, power plants and rice. "I've never seen such an innovative product for the bulk solid industry, you should be proud of the products you have", said Mr. Oran Manathanya of one of the largest rice mills in Thailand, ChiaMeng, to Mr. Sharabi. Mr. Manathanya 's rice mills company was established in 1937 and has since been passed on from father to son. He concluded by adding: "Thank you for introducing me to your product".

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