Introducing Enhancements to the Rosemount 5708 Series 3D Solids Scanner and 5402 Non-contacting Radar

The Rosemount 5708 Series 3D Solid Scanner by Emerson Process Management is now better than ever. The company has enhanced its features enabling to accurately measure level and volume of bulk solids and powders in large vessels, bins and silos.

The Rosemount 5708 Series 3D Solids Scanner

The Rosemount scanner uses acoustic measurement and 3D mapping technology to provide accurate continuous level and volume measurement. With the new enhancements, it is now also suitable for a broader range of applications.

The device is now ATEX/IECEx certified for installation in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres and the addition of a mounting adaptor allows the device to be installed within electrostatic precipitator (ESP) hoppers. By using its 3D visualization capability to map out the surface of the fly ash that builds up in the hopper, operators can optimize the process, reducing cost, risk, and wear and tear on the hopper.

Emerson has also introduced full SCADA integration support for the solids scanner. Users can now integrate 3D visualization of the surface level into Emerson's Ovation or DeltaV distributed control systems.

The Rosemount 5402 Non-contacting Radar

The Rosemount 5402 Non-contacting Radar provides bulk solids level measurement for applications with smaller sized vessels. The new enhancements to this product include the new air purging connection and wireless connectivity.

Not all manufacturers have cable infrastructure however, and that is why Emerson is now allowing both the solids scanner and the non-contacting radar to be connected to a WirelessHART network using a Smart Wireless THUM Adapter.

The air purging connection for the Rosemount 5402 prevents clogging of the antenna in applications with dusty environments.

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