Improved Mining Safety and Operational Performance through Solids Level Measurement

The mining industry is a high-risk, high-reward capital intensive industry. Plants can cost in the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, and every part of the milling process depends on the other; meaning that a plant is only as strong as its weakest link.

Similarly, plants don't just run on the flick of a switch. There are ramp up considerations and of course, the ever-present safety aspects to consider.

Within all these variables is the challenge of having to measure the level of solids, which have peaks and troughs, depending on the consistency of the solids being measured.

Mines often crush numerous different types of ore and store them in silos or an ore pass. It is not uncommon for the daily wear and tear on crushers to require excessive maintenance and down time to the detriment of the whole mining operation. And this most commonly occurs to the ore pass.

The damage is caused by the ore falling directly onto the trap door at the bottom of the pass, known as a press frame. The press frame is coated with a rubber liner to reduce the impact from the falling rocks; however, if it wears away too quickly, it is costly to repair, may require plant down time, and is a safety risk.

A level measuring device can help manage the ore more efficiently by producing a buffer of stationary rock to act as a cushion. This would optimize ores used in processing as well as save time, money, and lives. However, an ore pass can be 100 meters deep and very dusty requiring a special solids measuring device.

The APM 3DLevelScanner 3D Solids Scanneris perfect for such a situation. With a transmitter able to penetrate the dust and a sensor able to measure to the bottom of the ore pass, the trap would never run empty. Since the lowest point of the pass can now be measured, neither the line nor the press frame need be exposed to the falling rocks resulting in improved worker safety and the avoidance of repair costs and associated downtime. Operational performance caused by the mixing of ores can also be managed efficiently.

Level measurement has benefits for numerous industries. In an industry as demanding and interdependent as mining, the correct solids measuring equipment can mean the difference between success and failure.

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