BinMaster® Advances APM Solutions Technology in North America

(Lincoln, Nebraska—June 25, 2009) BinMaster® Level Controls of Lincoln, Nebraska and APM Automation Solutions Ltd of Tel Aviv, Israel have completed a definitive agreement designating BinMaster as the exclusive, private label distributor of the non-contact, dust penetrating 3DLevelScanner bin measurement technology within the United States and Canada. This
revolutionary patent-pending technology calculates highly accurate volume measurements by sampling multiple measurement points, differentiating it from technologies that simply calculate volume based upon a single point measurement. The 3DLevelScanner excels in high dust conditions and in bins where multiple filling sites or clumping materials cause the material surface to be uneven.

The 3DLevelScanner works in most every solid and bulk powder material – coal, cement,  aggregates, flyash, chemicals, fertilizers, food, grain, and plastic pellets. In addition to bins, silos and tanks, it also accommodates difficult to measure vessels or containers such as pits, open bins, bulk storage rooms and warehouses. With today’s emphasis on food safety and product quality, the 3DLevel Scanner non-contact technology is ideal for food and pharmaceutical operations where it is critical that material not become contaminated. The 3DLevelScanner is offered in three models –‘S’ for single point level measurement, ‘M’ which adds mapping capabilities, and ‘MV’ with both mapping and visualization graphics tools – for flexibility in any application or budget, helping managers improve inventory management and optimize process flow in their operations.

“In March 2009, BinMaster began installing the 3DLevelScanner in some of the most dusty, challenging bins in grain, bioenergy, plastics, and food processing applications,” stated Todd Peterson, BinMaster’s vice president of sales. “The 3DLevelScanner technology has proven to work where other technologies like radar and ultrasonics have failed. Customers who have struggled with dusty or uneven material are finding success with the 3DLevelScanner.” BinMaster is marketing the
3DLevelScanner technology to its customers in the feed, grain and seed; cement, aggregates and concrete; fertilizer; milling and food manufacturing; biofuels and ethanol; chemicals and pharmaceuticals; plastics manufacturing; power; mining and quarries; paper and wood pulp; primary metals and power industries.

Ofir Perl, APM’s CEO commented, “With over 40 years of experience, BinMaster is an outstanding company that excels in providing all types of bin level controls and outstanding technical expertise for some of the largest and most demanding manufacturing companies in North America. Combining BinMaster’s vast experience, product knowledge and U.S.-based infrastructure with APM’s proprietary technology will help companies address their most challenging applications in powder and bulk solids measurement. By working together to develop new and unique solutions for all types of bins and materials, BinMaster and APM will bring the most advanced and reliable measurement devices to the United States and Canadian markets.”

About BinMaster
BinMaster is a division of Garner Industries – an ISO 9001:2000 certified company established in 1953 and headquartered in a 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. BinMaster is strategically focused on designing, manufacturing and marketing reliable, proven sensoring devices for the measurement of bulk solid and liquid materials for the feed and grain, food, plastics, pulp & paper, power, mining, and concrete industries. The BinMaster product line is sold
worldwide and features many diverse technologies for bin level indication and measurement, being well known for its SmartBob2 advanced inventory management solution.
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About APM
Privately held APM Automation Solutions Ltd. is headquartered in Israel. The company specializes in developing technologically innovative, effective and economical non-contact 3D level measurement instruments for a range of industrial applications. Its flagship product, the 3DLevelScanner, represents a new family of devices that takes the guesswork out of measuring the level, volume and mass of materials inside a silo or open bin with 3D mapping of the contents. It incorporates and
applies APM’s unique technology to a range of 3D level measurement solutions previously thought to be beyond the scope of level measurement with unparalleled degrees of accuracy. APM products are sold and supported by a network of agents / distributors in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere.

June 26, 2009
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