Wesmar AB making live demonstration of APM 3DLevelScanner at the Process Technology show in Göteborg, Sweden.

Process Technology has become Scandinavia’s leading, most comprehensive venue for showing and accessing the latest know-how and technology in the process industry.

At Process Technology 2008 from October 7-9,
Wesmar AB will show the 3DLevelScanner: an innovative,
effective and economical non-contact 3D level measurement instruments for a range of industrial applications.

APM wishes to invite you to see live demonstration of the revolutionary 3DLevelScanner for bulk solid measurement. No more inaccurate calculations based on a single sample point, but a unique family of devices that generate 3-dimensional maps of the content of the silo/open bin/warehouse.

APM’s innovative technology is the best-of-class solution for accurate measurement of bulk solids, particularly those in dusty environments


For the first time in the solids industry 3DLevel measurement provides true and accurate measures of volume and mass of silo contents – an achievement of critical importance for all solid industries.

 Come and see a live demonstration

.  3D Mapping of the surface area


3DLinkPro Communication Box with GSM Capabilities

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September 30, 2008
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